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Ronso - Gay


Ronso hero Biran takes the then young Garik up Mt.Gagazet to train to become a full Ronso warrior. After a fierce battle the two Ronsos take a opportunity to recover at the secret hot water springs...

Lineage II
This is the second part of the Ronso sex stories featuring Biran and Garik. Garik continues to train under Biran's tutelage on Mt Gagazet, but the training is hard and he needs to adapt if he wishes to carry on the Ronso warrior lineage.

  Lineage III
Garik having not spent time with Biran since their last encounter grows jealous at the sight of his master Biran with rival Yenke. Garik decides to confront his master in his private quarters.


  The Scent of His Mate
"At this point, Kimahri Ronso had been driven to near insanity. He SHOULD be thinking of Yuna right now. He SHOULD have been devoting all of his thoughts to her recent kidnapping by the Guado and the Maester Seymour. It was his sworn duty, sworn upon his honor, to devote himself fully to protecting her."

The Scent of His Mate 2
"Tidus' heartbeat thundered violently in his ears.It was the only sound he could hear at all, his other senses overwhelmed with the powerful, frightening feeling of Kimahri's large fingers coiled and grasping firmly around each of his shoulders, as well as the unyielding, unapologetic gaze the Ronso was giving him. Tidus could now see directly into those his alien, feline eyes in closer detail than he'd ever imagined."


The Scent of His Mate 3
"Runt." He'd been considered as such ever since all the other Ronsos his own age had begun growing noticeably bigger and stronger than he. While most of the elder Ronsos treated him fairly and with impartial respect, the majority of his life had consisted of the constant taunting and mocking of all the Ronso youth.

  The Scent of His Mate 4
"The entire Ronso tribe, as well as Lady Yuna’s close-knit group of guardians, gathered around, forming a disjointed circle around the three raging combatants. Instantly, the negotiations between Yuna and Kelk where put on hold, pending this grudge match between Kimahri, Biran, and Yenke."
  The Scent of His Mate 5
"Acrimoniously huffing, Tidus wrestled at the Ronso's grip some more, though half-hearted and irresolute in his efforts. He knew perfectly well that he could never, even if his life depended on it, break the hold Kimahri's had on him... but still, he could not just sit there and resign himself to this treatment. For what seemed like the umpteenth time, he found himself trapped within the coil of the Ronso's unyielding grip, just as Kimahri had done on the several previous occasions where he'd wanted something from the human."
  The Scent of His Mate 6
"How long had it been since Tidus had discreetly strayed away from the camp? Twenty minutes? Thirty? Yuna and her remaining guardians weren’t exactly sure, but when the solemn quietness surrounding their campfire circle was suddenly broken by a bestial roar echoing off in the distance, they soon realized that both Tidus and Kimahri had been gone long enough for it to be worrisome."



Changing the Game
Zev Ronso unexpectly runs into Kimahri who asks him to teach him the basics of Blitzball, fortunately for the both of them the after-game celebration becomes a little wild in the locker room.

“No, no, Elon tries too hard, Kimahri explain it again.” The Ronso huffed in exasperation as he stepped toward the anthropomorphic cougar and wrapped his hand around the end of the halberd he was teaching him to use. He slowly pulled down and mimicked Elon’s motions. “Parry.” He curved the weapon in front of Elon’s face before bringing it down level with his torso. “Then, thrust.” He said, mimicking the motion of the weapon forward. “Kimahri is confused how Elon is so good with magic, but so poor on melee combat.”
"Gazna Ronso rolled his thick neck and crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned against one of the pylons to the sphere pool, watching the Ronso inside perform his workouts. The captain of the Ronso Fangs was rather impressed with this agent that he had been tipped on by some of the other travelers in Luca."
  Last Duty
"The cavern greeted Kimahri Ronso with a powerful burst of cold wind as he made his way from the ruins in Zanarkand back to his home in the peaks of Mt. Gagazet. The Ronso’s warm, golden eyes peered up at the gaping hole in the side of the crevice as he walked in."
  Unbroken Bond
"Snow fell lightly from the clouds in the sky above Mt. Gagazet, as Kimahri lay on some of the smooth boulders, letting the flurries fall into his face. He watched as the heavens seemed to rain upon the land, for the first time in ages. Spira had entered something that was more than the calm, Sin had been completely destroyed, and the world it seemed, was at a total peace for a time."

Off the Deep End
"The blitzball hurtled up the field at an unbelievable speed, the water surrounding it swirled a bit in its wake. Never before had anyone sent a ball flying with such ferocity as that when the Ronso Fang recruit, Orange did. He watched from just past half-field, his muscles rippled a bit from the strain of such a strong launch, but he seemed to enjoy it. The only oddity of this powerful athlete was the color of his fur. Ronsos have a blue color to their fur, but Orange was named simply for the fact that his fur was Orange."

  Red on Blue
"Sun shined down though the peaks of Mt. Gagazet as a young Biran and a young Kimahri stood at opposite ends of a battlefield. Kimahri raised his spear to his chest proudly, then swung it out rather boldly. His muscles rather impressive for a Ronso even his age and size."


  An Oddity of Union
"Kimahri looked up at the massive doors of Bevelle temple. It had been
three months since High Summoner Yuna and her guardians had defeated Sin, and Kimahri found himself troubled."

The Two Ronso Youths
"Beads of sweat slid down Garik Ronso’s forehead through his matted light blue fur from under his deep brown hair. His breath came in slow, ragged gasps as his clenched muscles strained from exertion. His toe claws dug into the ground; his hand claws dug into
flesh as his body heaved steadily. His mind focused on one thing; the feeling. He pushed harder; wanting to feel the power and the sensation. His muscles bunched and he snarled in expectation. Just a bit longer; he was so close."

  Long Awaited Reunion
"Kimahri was distraught.  It had been a few weeks since Lian and Ayde disappeared from Gagazet and because of their flight, the elder ronso was finding it very hard to keep the younger ronso under control.  Garik was the main problem.  The headstrong young ronso warrior had since rallied a group of likeminded youngsters.  All of them threatened to leave Gagazet in the coming months to wage war on the guado.  Kimahri was at a loss."


  Lessons of a Stranger
"“Garik doesn't need those weaklings anyway…”The utterance came out sniveling… which he always hated about himself but was too proud to correct it. Always too proud…Who was he fooling… The Ronso looked down at the bare white loincloth that covered him modestly, but did not much else. Teeth gritted, he trudged through the knee-deep snow, working himself up the steep mountain of Gagazet."


  Art Imitates Life
"With a start, Bioxz jerked awake--and immediately let out a rather rancid curse. As had often happened of late, thanks to far too many hours at work, he had fallen asleep in the middle of the day again, this time at his drawing desk. And if that wasn’t bad enough, in his sleep he had lain right across his most recent drawing…and drooled all over it."


  Flames of Our Passion
Mount Gagazet had seen much peace since the Eternal Calm those many years ago, and Kimahri often found himself walking the forest at its mighty base in reflection of the events that had brought him where he was today. His mistress Yuna, happily alive with her beloved Tidus… The fayths all sequestered safely in the Farplane… “The Eternal Calm” was certainly accurate. The Ronso had even accepted his leadership without question once the Gullwings had assisted him fairly recently, and even his broken horn no longer drew more than a curious glance and a smile from his former opponents.
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