After the events of Final Fantasy X the world of Spira is finally at peace. However unease soon develops in the people. To instill a sense of order and clarity; a group of investors in Luca commission the ship the “Gallion” to go on an exploratory mission to assess the impact Sin’s deaths has on the world.

Adeleon Ronso a young researcher joins the crew on their amazing journey. He meets an assortment of characters of all races including a powerful Gaudo black mage named San. Together they will explore Spira and fulfill their mission, but it wont be easy as mysterious forces plot to stop them at every turn.

Take note that I wrote these stories a long time ago, prior to playing FF X-2. Some plot points may not reflect in game and some liberties were taken.

These are Adeleon’s journal entries.
Log Book Entries

Besaid Saga Ch1 - Besaid Saga Ch2 - Besaid Saga Ch3 - Besaid Saga Ch4

The Past

Adeleon’s journey to become a researcher was not easy. Orphaned at a young age on top Mt Gagazet he is flung into the complicated world of humes and the shady political unrest of Bevelle. Adeleon has to mature quickly in this hostile world if he hopes to fulfill his destiny.

Troubled Start - Servant of Yevon - Daily Routine - Daily Reading


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